Woman won $1million Lotto jackpot after atheist son prayed for prize

A QUIRKY story from the recent past.

A non-religious son who mockingly prayed for God to let his mother win the lottery was stunned after she hit the $1 million jackpot the next day.

Sal Bentivegna, 28, jokingly prayed for his 61-year-old mother Gloria to win the lottery.

Mrs Bentivegna then won the New York Lottery’s Sweet Million game.

Speaking to the New York Post shortly after this episode a couple of years ago, Mr Bentivegna told how he sarcastically told his mother to ‘ask your God to ask for a million dollars,’ shortly after she lost out on a penny slots machine.
Being a good Catholic, she refused.

So instead Mr Bentivegna went ahead and prayed: ‘God, I don’t know if you’re real or not, but if you are there, please let my mother win a million dollars.
‘It was off the cuff at the slot machines,’ he added.

‘If Jesus wants me to believe in him, that’s what he’ll do.’

The very next day Mrs Bentivegna bought a ‘lotto tree’ of unscratched instant win tickets from a Church charity auction and struck gold.

The seemingly devine intervention has seen Mr Bentivegna become a believer.

Mrs Bentivegna, thrilled at her win and her son’s conversion, said: ‘God performed two miracles, a true miracle”.


10 thoughts on “Woman won $1million Lotto jackpot after atheist son prayed for prize

  1. Truly, these things happen, regardless of beliefs in scriptural inerrancy, reincarnation, original sin, original blessing, just too much else to mention.


  2. My cousin won tattslotto, but she won it at a time when a few people did, and she was part of a large group of people sharing a ticket so she ended up with $50K – and then her husband ran off with the money. Doh!


    • A few dollars does strange things to some people ~ even devout and flamboyant christians I know from experience.

      ….I personally don’t understand the power it has over people.
      Grew up learning that if you had the use of it (or anything else) owning added nothing other than an a greater burden.
      God moves in mysterious ways…..


      • True. The less you have, to a certain extent, the less complicated your life.

        On saying that though, my cousin could have done with that money. She worked incredibly long hours, brought up two children, took them to sports etc during the week and on the weekend etc. – and always dreamed of getting out of renting.


      • Of course kids and other animals can really restrict one’s options, Kate, but I think you miss the (probably nebulous) point:-
        ‘It’ isn’t about what you haven’t got (“the LESS you have”) but about not trying to increase the ‘LESS’ , but rather as taking off at an entirely different angle, having assessed what you HAVE got going for you. (And believe me, I know whereof I speak here.)
        The ONLY thing in life about which there are no choices is dying: everything else id optional.

        Persevering with an ambition that’s either not realistic or DOESN’T RETURN ENOUGH BENEFIT FOR THE EFFORT PUT IN is a mug’s game. (eg. only a dill would pay the price/running-costs of a 400HP Ferrari if he was never able to use more than 120 HP….. or buy a McMansion in a dump like the Western suburbs prairie…or the Eastern suburbs swampland……or buy a bloody McMansion at all, under any circumstances.

        It’s ‘The System’, in it’s many facets, that engineers not only the brain-numbing social-conditioning that traps (and often wrecks the lives of) people, but also ‘fixes’ the economics ‘game’ in the way the mafia could only fantasise about! (eg. creates ‘building regulations’ that demand houses cost a minimum of, say $200k to build ~ by also indirectly fixing the prices of material and services (and legislating that you MUST use the specified materials and are NOT ALLOWED to decline the services. And THEN levby huge ‘stamp-duty’, transfer fees, rates, water-rates, municiple charges, etc. etc, etc. because your house is so ‘valuable’.

        And of course no ‘builder’, licensed after having paid the ‘relevant authority’ the required graft and been granted a monopoly in return, would deign to build a sound house (like the one I’m sitting in now) that wasn’t capable of returning HUGE profits. As I said:- the mafia can only observe and envy.

        Further…OZ contains about EIGHT MILLION square kilometers of land and about EIGHTY THOUSAND kilometers of coastline: how on earth can a tiny ‘building block’ (down to under 200 sq mt) realistically be worth up to a MILLION dollars or more (more than 20 years of total income for most people)……and double that if you can achieve “glimpses” of “water views” ~ after you’ve spent (actually BORROWED at interest rates over which you have no say and no control!) another fortune having a house built, four times the size you have an actual use for, so’s you can get a “glimpse” ~ always confident that some other brainwashed and spineless dill will pay you more than it cost (or can ever be justified).

        ……..because that’s the way the system works: all the TV shows on getting rich overnight in Real Estate say so.

        Meantime 120 THOUSAND people (mostly kids) are living, eating defacating and sleeping on the streets, and hundreds of thousands more are ONE pay-packet away from joining them because they’ve been sucked-in/coerced/brainwashed.

        ….and MANY, MANY more (probably hundreds of millions worldwide) are set to join them in the next couple of (to five) years given the computer-operated and automated NEW World Order is set to crash.

        Anyway, that’s enough of all that: I learnt long ago that pissing into the wind doesn’t achieve much. (and I’ve always been skeptical enough to test any maxim mooted for myself! )


        The idea that you have any say in who does what to you, how and when, is just another way The System staves off what would otherwise by a revolution as bloody as anything in the Middle East.

        …or would be if the possession of intelligence and courage weren’t illegal.

        choofle off now, and do your ‘civic duty’……..or else!


      • PS. what I intended to say was that your cousin (and anybody else) should ‘get out of renting’ by rearranging their priorities ~ one such is being prepared to move to where better deals are available, rather than insisting upon staying in ‘their’ area.
        Remember the millions of migrants that came to backward, hillbilly, racist, etc. Australia because that’s where the opportunities lay?…and that was in the day when nobody expected ever to see ‘home’ again.
        And didn’t they make it work for them.

        Thee are places on the East Coast of Oz (in cities) where you can still buy sound housing for not much more than $100k.
        In ‘standard’ terms, that means getting a small deposit together and repayments of about $130 pw.
        Not that I’d advocate the ‘standard’, (I’d rather live in a tree-stump), but it gives an indication as to what’s available if one’s prepared to shed the conditioning.
        Let me know if you want a few pointers.


      • Makes sense, if she could get a job in those rural areas …

        Yes, houses are astronomically unaffordable. It’s almost as if we are being pushed not to own anything.


  3. off-the-topic-note.
    Just remembered (and found) a scanned PDF version of ‘African Genesis’ someone went to a lot of trouble to put together for me a few years ago.
    Happy to send a copy to anyone who wants it (total of 62 Mb.)


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