Malaysia bans Lamb of God

MALAYSIA has banned a tour by Grammy-winning heavy metal band Lamb of God, naming the group as as blasphemous.

The band expressed frustration because they believed authorities had not studied the content and meaning of their songs carefully enough.

Lamb of God had been scheduled to perform at a concert hall in Kuala
Lumpur on 28 September but the communications and multimedia ministry said .it would not issue a permit because the performance could infringe on Malaysia’s religious sensitivities and cultural values.

The government-run department of Islamic development had said the group’s work could lead Muslims astray, partly because the band has been known to mix excerpts from the Qur’an, Islam’s holy book, with heavy metal music.

The band posted a statement on their Facebook page saying they would continue with other shows this month in New Zealand, Australia and Thailand.

Lamb of God is the second prominent American act in less than two years to run afoul of Malaysian authorities for religious reasons. In February last year the government banned a show by the R&B star Erykah Badu on the eve of her performance, saying a photo of her body art was offensive to Muslims.

Here is an example of Lamb of God’s work.


5 thoughts on “Malaysia bans Lamb of God

  1. Never have been able to hear words in heavy metal music, I’d need to read the lyrics to know what they were on about.

    I can see the music would appeal to many.

    Australia even with Church and State separated, has deemed itself a Christian country, and has had trouble accepting immigrants’ faiths. I don’t think Malaysia has any such separation of Church and State, and can understand their attitude to anything denigrating the Qur’an.


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