Husband refuses divorce on religious grounds , court hears

A father-of-eight has refused to take part in divorce proceedings at a Queensland court because he believes his religion is above the law.

The unnamed man initially avoided being served with divorce papers, refused to answer questions in a hearing and declined to say whether he was acting on his own behalf.

The 49-year-old, whose religion was also not disclosed, was accused of telling his 17-year-old son to vandalise his mother’s home and terrorise her so she would call off the divorce.

The judge presiding over the divorce case said he hoped he never had another one like it, the Courier-Mail reports.

“(He) stated in the clearest of terms that the court did not have jurisdiction … because, as he put it, his marriage was governed by a contract entered into pursuant to (religion),” Judge Philip Burchardt said.

The woman left the 22-year marriage after her husband held a knife to the throat of their daughter.

The mother now has sole custody of three younger children, while the family has another four adult children who no longer live at home.

Source: The Courier-Mail


4 thoughts on “Husband refuses divorce on religious grounds , court hears

  1. Yeah, well, he should pay closer attention to his religion. I’m sure it says that he is not, in any way, shape or form, permitted to hold a knife to his daughter’s neck!


  2. I never used to believe in divorce – but when it come to violence, I truly believe that that marriage becomes null and void in God’s eyes.


  3. Sounds like the guy has developed some mental problems. It is not like they have been married for one year. Why do the non religuous have mental issues and the religuous are following their religion.


  4. A definite reason to keep church and state separate. Domestic violence does need to be discussed more within churches, regardless of denomination and whether they’re even Christian or another religion. In terms of this case, this man needs to stay away from his (ex) wife. I’ve heard that violence can escalate when a relationship does fall apart. This woman needs all the protection for herself and her children that she can get. The man’s got serious problems.


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