Bob Dylan’s back


BOB Dylan makes the cover of Rolling Stone this week. Dylan has just released an album of songs and outakes recorded in the period between 1969 and 1971.

You’d have to think that a young Dylan wouldn’t get past the front door of any major record company today. The execs generally prefer glitter to substance.

The great Bob Dylan is right when he describes today’s modern music as “no definition, no vocal, no nothing, no static.” Another great soul singer Ray Charles once said “as far as I’m concern, there’s only two kinds of music, good and bad.” There are some who believe that the legendary singer was saddened by the black youth of America experience with Hip-Hop and forms of Gangster Rap.

Has the latest studio technology taken over the reins of the gifted and talented? Paris Hilton remarked that her latest and first Album was “so good!” Now, it is confirmed that she won’t go on tour to promote her Album because she can’t sing in public.

Lets hope that the truly gifted and not so gifted can reclaim and take back the music from the untalented, soulless, misguided misfits who have hijacked popular music for their own selfish needs.

Surely we’ve had enough of the breathy voices of ingenues and adolescent boys who couldn’t hold a tune outside a recording studio stacked with auto-tune devices.
Dylan himself said recently that he couldn’t stand the sound of modern records, calling the audio quality of CDs “atrocious’’.
“They have sound all over them. There’s no definition…no vocal, no nothing, just like…static.’’


6 thoughts on “Bob Dylan’s back

  1. “Lets hope that the truly gifted and not so gifted can reclaim and take back the music from the untalented, soulless, misguided misfits who have hijacked popular music for their own selfish needs.”

    But how is it that we allow them to do this? Who says it’s okay to feed the public such rubbish? Why are we so undiscerning and accepting of anything these days? Are fewer children being taught music at school nowadays so that we cannot tell the difference between good music and bad? Are modern societies getting dumber? And what’s with the screaming, fawning teenage girls? What’s wrong with them? Are all our hi-tech gadgets serving to dumb us down?

    I’d really like to know why and how music styles come and go, but I suspect it has a lot to do with education (or lack of) and clever marketing.


    • It’s all about novelty, Mon, and human inquisitiveness.
      Anything new is more interesting (at least for the moment) than its accustomed-to predecessor.

      And teenaged girls are notoriously more inclined in that direction than just about any other creature….except perhaps cats. 😉
      It’s arranged like that by Ma Nature (as an essential of species survival) and/or whatever god’s responsible for human nature. (Y’can’t imagine Adam allowing himself to be chatted up by the serpent, can you?….Eve practically DEMANDED she be seduced.)

      I think it’s what makes females such irresistible creatures ~ but at the same time creatures that need to be controlled/guided to bring out their best. And deep down they know it, and respond to the security thus offered.

      Quite like kids and dogs. 🙂


    • Mon, Dabbles,

      My take on the matter of the passion that modern music promotes is the point that never in our history, have the youth of our culture enjoyed such a lot of ready money, as well as free time and permission for self indulgence as now. Television and Computer have made it possible for such an addiction to take root in our kids.

      At times I feel (smugly) grateful that I grew up in a time when I heard all sorts of music, and learnt to appreciate them all. So I can enjoy Opera and much Classical music, as well as popular songs and Musical Comedy. I can enjoy sacred music and Folk too. Having had a couple of years in classical Singing tuition, I can appreciate the human voice and its possibilities.

      It saddens me that for all too many kids today, there is apparently only one form of music that touches them.


  2. Often people will say that such and such an era was the best time for music, and it was usually the time of their youth.

    Not me, my heydey should have been in the 80s and I absolutely hated the music that came out of that decade (save maybe The Smiths, The Cure and a couple of others). For me the 60s and 70s were the best. The most melodic and the greatest choice.

    I also love other styles and decades of music. Each has had their highlight.

    I don’t mind a few songs from today, but there is quite a lot of soulless, monotone, bang your head against the wall stuff.


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