Dalai Lama’s dream speech

TO mark the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech during the March on Washington on August 28th of 1963, the Dalai Lama released a video outlining his own dream for the next century.

“I always have one dream,” the Dalai Lama begins. “That within this century the world truly become [a] real happy human family. In order to achieve that, we really need [a] sense of oneness of humanity. I think through education, through more holistic, realistic thinking, I have confidence that through education, through awareness, I think we can develop a sense of oneness of humanity. Then, the very basis of violence, the very basis of war, they’re no longer there. Then this century can become a century of peace, a century of non-violence.”


19 thoughts on “Dalai Lama’s dream speech

  1. Jeremiah 17:9
    Jeremiah 17:9 “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?”
    The only way this verse can be false is if someone assumes s/he is a God. Is the Dalai Lama God?


  2. Sounds good ~ and I particularly l like the DIY approach.
    But unfortunately this bloke obviously hasn’t heard Obama’s sleazy, shamefaced ‘justification’ for the portended US bombing of Syria:- ‘Since Syria has WMD they threaten the whole world, and are a particular threat to American cities’.
    Fair dinkum! If threatening the world and dumping WMD on defencelss citizens were the criteria, then every nation in the world would be amply justified in bombing the US (which has had in place an official policy of ‘terror-bombing’ civilians, to break their morale, since the 1920s).
    This …er, ‘Great White Hope’ makes the Bush Clan look like Honest Gentlemen of Great Integrity.
    ….and much better actors!

    That the whole event is fishy (a cynic could make out a fair case the the chemical attack was perpetrated by the US ~ and conveniently video-taped at the very moment of detonation from an aircraft ~ shades of the ‘Gulf of Tonkin Incident’*) is confirmed by the British Parliament’s refusal to allow the PM to immediately climb into Obama’s lap (doggy-style!) and decide to stay out of it. The French ~ usually keen to play with the big kids are waffling around in circles; the Germans don’t want to know, and even the Israelis are laying doggo. (suspiciously!)

    Only OUR kruddy PM, the one you all like to vote for and support in a style you yourselves can’t afford, has leapt to the support of ‘Our American Cousins’ (without putting it to the vote, or even taking the time to scratch himself).

    Pathetic!….and the only thing worse is that ‘the man in the street’, descendents of Big Bronze Anzacs, hasn’t uttered a peep.
    Too busy with the hullaballoo about who’s up who ~ and how far ~ in the AFL.
    Australia all over.



  3. There has always been the vision of Heaven on Earth, and I think it’s vital that we keep striving for it. It’s part of why we’re here. When we achieve it, will there be any need for this world, this training ground?

    Like children in kindergarten, we don’t know what we’re training for.

    In fact some lessons feel like play, others almost too hard. Almost, but not quite.


    • Much of what you say resonates with me, Dreamweaver. This comment too.

      But my experience (and sensibilities) convince me that any concept of ‘heaven’/’paradise’/whatever is the here and now: our planet ~ Lifeboat Earth.

      Being who and what we are, not even the fantasy religious-type ‘heavens’ could fit us nearly as perfectly ~ or comfortably ~ as does Our Home.

      Here we have options unheard-of and impossible anywhere else. We have our emotions, which offer infinite variation of experience and sensation; we have brains which can exalt in every new discovery and problem solved. We’re imbued with ambition to ‘Dream the Impossible Dream’*

      We have the capacity to DO, not just to BE To explore and play and manipulate our environments and ourselves for the sake of achievement, stimulation and satisfaction.
      There’s none of that in any of the assorted ‘heavens’ being touted around the traps!
      Fancy facing eternity knowing there’s no chance of getting tiddly on a good Red, no hope of an orgasm and never a single note of Mozart to be heard (because you don’t even have the ‘FreeWill’ to turn down the volume of the ‘Heavenly Hosts’ choir.).

      …any wonder Old Nick’s got such a huge following! 😉

      * http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bVlAtMZAzeY


      • Hi Rian,

        I’ve been waiting for my teaching on reincarnation from you.

        From my perspective, when I think of reincarnation, the only religion I think of is Buddhism, and how you can come back as an insect, but apparently Gnostics believe in it too, although very differently. Are there other religions who believe in it as well? I know the New Agers do also.



      • PS……of course the same recommendation is directed to everyone:- it’s a one-size-fits-all lesson.


      • Yes Dabs,

        I’ve read it several times—a long time ago. I used to have a copy of it I loved it so much and the LP, but not anymore.

        I know you love it Dabs. So did I, but since becoming a Christian I now love ‘On Eagles Wings’ by Col Stringer so much more, which reminds me, I think it’s time I re-read it again. His book touches me so very much and I can honestly say that it changes me.

        A couple of years back I re-read Jonathan Livingston Seagull at your insistence, but I didn’t get a lot out of it, so I guess I’ve changed. Oh well, such is life. Different seasons. Different needs.


      • …….and anyway, eagles can’t REALLY fly!
        Or do barrel-rolls!
        Or surf!
        LOOK MA!! ~ No hands!


      • Hi Mon,

        Well, I put some notes you’ve seen, in an earlier blog on Reincarnation. And here are some more. Just so I don’t wear out my ‘welcome’ here, I am ceasing this commentary here on Brian’s blog, and will complete them off-line to you in person. (That is unless anyone else wants some more of it from me.)

        A very interesting and stimulating point about the Reincarnation idea is that over the course of many incarnations, each of us would have experienced life as both male and female, which must teach us an awful lot. Also each of us would have been involved in all kinds of religions and denominations. Just think, one might possibly have been in incarnation 2000 years ago, and might have seen or been associated with Jesus himself, during the Incarnation. A rather exciting idea to say the least. It is the sort of suggestion that could explain just why you yourself have been so deeply drawn to a love of the Master. One other thought on this, is that a conventional Christian might well be able to imagine that a whole series of lifetimes could give many more people the opportunity and the insight to ‘get to know’ Jesus and to be granted the privilege of Salvation.

        A couple of times Mon, you have expressed your disillusionment with the approach and standards of New Age. I can well appreciate this feeling. New Age is frequently shallow and simplistic, undemanding and self-indulgent. It is rather like a ‘poor man’s’ Gnosticism. I recall too, your description of the occasion when in Church you brought forth a prophecy that the people in the assembly were merely ‘playing at church’ or Christianity. So you will appreciate my point about New Age. Those people are merely playing at Gnosticism. Perhaps every religion has its majority (?) of followers who are shallow and still like children. Paul deplores those among his congregations who can only cope with ‘milk’ and not the depths of the real food that he longs to deliver to them.

        It is quite fascinating to learn just what sort of ‘take’ the Gnostics sometimes offered in order to reinterpret the Garden of Eden story and the so-called Fall of Man. The tale (and the theological explanation) gets somewhat turned on its head in the process. I have devoted a great deal of time to research on the matter over the last few years, and have even sketched out the scenario of a major film on Adam and Eve, which has interested John, my Movie Producer business partner (especially in view of the incredible success of Mel Gibson with his Passion of the Christ film). I must add however that I am sticking therein close to the Genesis story and it should not be theologically offensive to the Christian viewers. Tentatively, my title would be ‘EXPULSION’.

        Cheers and love, Rian.


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