Cops Stop Church From Handing Out Food


MEMBERS of a North Carolina church that is on a mission to feed the homeless claim police threatened them with arrest.

Love Wins Ministries has handed out sausage biscuits and coffee to the city’s homeless for the last six years. But on Saturday, Raleigh police reportedly told members that they’d face arrest under a city ordinance that bans the distribution of food in any of the city’s parks without a permit, according to WTVD.

“When I asked the officer why, he said that he was not going to debate me. ‘I am just telling you what is. Now you pass out that food, you will go to jail,'” member Hugh Hollowell said, according to the church’s website.

Police spokesman Jim Sughrue said that no one was been arrested for feeding the homeless. He said that those running the food programs were simply told about the city ordinance, which requires an $800 permit per day in order to distribute food in the park.

Hollowell said that Love Wins Ministries will try to find a new place to distribute food to the almost 100 homeless who come to eat every week.

In South Carolina, the city of Columbia council members recently voted unanimously to criminalize homelessness, giving homeless the option to either relocate or face being arrested.


14 thoughts on “Cops Stop Church From Handing Out Food

  1. This is actually my hometown! Mayor McFarlane addressed the police force yesterday and they were able to pass out food. Good news for last weekend! Occupy Raleigh isn’t sitting on their hands on this issue 🙂


  2. Relocate or face being arrested, if homeless. Then what happens? When are they released, and to what? Is some provision made, their plight addressed?


  3. Sadly, this is going to happen more and more. As you already stated the town of Columbia is doing the same thing only they are making it sound really nice because they are shuffling them to either jail OR a shelter out of town that they are not allowed to leave so easy. They have to be shuttled everywhere (if you ask me it is just a different kind of “Jail”). This is sad but worse is the folks who are being forced to listen to a sermon before they can eat. While I don’t know if Love Wins is doing this many places do. Jesus does not expect us to force someone to listen to eat but the Sadducees of the modern world seem to think this is what scripture does. I would love for you to check out Mark Horvah who does something called He was once homeless and an addict who now gives his life for the homeless. Check him out.


    • Just remember that Jesus fed the 5000 after they spent the whole day listening to Him. And then He condemned a group of people for coming to Him for a free meal:
      “”Truly, Truly, I say to you, you seek Me, not because you saw signs, but because you ate loaves, and were filled” John 6:26. He then proceeded to condemn them for coming to Him for the wrong reasons.
      The same scriptures also talk about people considering making Jesus king by force after this incident of mass feeding, until He stopped it and dismissed the crowds. Whilst it is the church’s duty to feed the poor, it is not the church’s duty to encourage free loaders.


      • …….”Judge not that ye be not judged”.

        Do you think ANYTHING you do could actually pay for a ticket to heaven/paradise for eternity…..or even to the MCG for an aftenoon?
        Religion per se encourages freeloaders.


      • James 2:14 15 “If a brother or sister is without clothes and lacks daily food 16 and one of you says to them, “Go in peace, keep warm, and eat well,” but you don’t give them what the body needs, what good is it?”. Yes we are not to be slackers or lazy but someone who is hungry or homeless does not necessarily fall into the category of lazy. Perhaps I am wrong but nowhere can I see that the feeding of the 5000 Jesus was preaching. In Matthew He was in the boat but when He came ashore the people followed Him and He had compassion (Mat. 14) and in Mark well it was the disciples who were doing the talking and what not but they recognized when Jesus came to the land and then began to follow Him(Mark 6). In any way we are to care for the least of these without judging them or their motives. Jesus never judged anyone whom He helped. .


      • I apologize further reading in Luke says that while they were trying to be alone people followed them and that Jesus spoke an healed them and then felt even more compassion on them and fed them. (Luke 9) .


      • lefnfree, notice that Jas 2:14,15 talks about caring for a brother or sister (ie fellow Christians). When Jesus was asked whom His brothers and sisters were, He defined it as those who do God’s will. I would be very careful of using this text to feed people indiscriminately. Not every one is our brother.


    Y’must understand that a Police-State can only exist if it continually exerts its ‘authority’. In myriad ways it’s no different here.

    Keep it in mind mind when you trot off slavishly to the voting-booths in 11 days.

    …on the roads your taxes paid for. 😉


    • Speaking of your taxes at work……….
      Anybody else see the bit on one of the news-programs last night about the politicians/bureaucrats in New Guinea pocketing $billions of Australian (taxpayers’) Aid contributions?

      …….the good news is that they’re investing it in Australian Real Estate……pushing up the prices across the board.


  5. “…giving homeless the option to either relocate or face being arrested.”

    Everything to keep the image of a city unblemished… (they are trying to do something similar here as well. Not with the homeless, but our major wants to get those without (much) money out of the inner city, so that they can’t tarnish the image of “his” city any longer. Not that he said it with so many words, but it’s pretty much the essence of what he is doing/said)

    And since when does one need a permit to help people? A church at that, and an $800/day permit? To help people who would otherwise starve because their own city council couldn’t care less about them, much less about helping them? It’s ridiculous and very sad.


  6. ……and what’s more…….

    “Politicians have also confirmed that Agenda 21 is regarded rather uniquely amongst policy initiatives in that it has apparently been generally agreed that it should be excluded from official party policies, thereby preventing voters from making an informed democratic choice. This preference of politicians to implement Agenda 21 as a covert undeclared policy has serious ramifications.”


  7. “If the government is giving away food stamps at a record pace…Why would anyone be opposed to a private ministry giving food to the homeless and poor?

    Are they afraid that those who need assistance would become dependent on the each other instead of the Government programs?”

    Read this over at Facebook. Pretty much sums it up I think.


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