What a pain

MOST contemporary cultures do not adapt well to the concepts of pain and suffering.

Attempts are made to cover up the pain by watching TV soaps, or indulging in rampant materialism, alcohol, sex and a variety of other sedatives. Yet pain – often unfathomable, ineffable pain – reaches deep into all lives.

Trauma can either break a person – destroying trust in God or the world – or provide an opening into a deeper world of spiritual growth.

There seems to be a strength learned from suffering that can not be learned any other way.

It is learning, for example, that love does come with a price; that relationships can sometimes only find a depth and beauty when they have been through unwished-for pain. Uncomfortable as it may be, thats life.


One thought on “What a pain

  1. This is so very true, so painfully true in every aspect of our lives. I used to intellectually grasp this – but only great suffering in my life, my marriage, taught me this at a more spiritual and deeply personal level of understanding. As I raise my kids I often wonder how can this be taught? Or must this be experienced? How can we help those who reject God because of suffering in the world?


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