Wise words about love


Love isn’t blind. It sees. But it doesn’t mind. It loves unconditionally. I do believe LOVE wants the best for the object of his/her desire, even if it doesn’t include them

Wise words from http://askinsaneelaine.com/


6 thoughts on “Wise words about love

  1. Well said.
    But is this ‘love’ something so able to be ‘captured’ that it can actually be ‘personalised’ by an individual and applied as ‘an object of desire’.
    Not that I know, but it seems to trivialise the concept somehow; I’d’ve thought it was more of a universal thing, like air or starlight, not something we can grant, with-hold or manipulate like cutlery, no matter how fine a grade the silver is.

    Rather like what you feel when you shoot a loving and loyal pet because there are no options left.
    I sort of sense ‘love’ (intangible and undefinable) in administering the final kindness and also in the recognition of the horror of the act.
    ….. and in the futility of it all.


      • I can’t find words to fit the ‘inspiration’.

        But if ‘love’ is the ‘universal glue’, the ‘essence of god’, upon which all living relationships are founded ~ and if kindness and compassion, loyalty and devotion are among the most fundamental manifestations of ‘love’ ~ and if nothing can exist without some form of application/relativity ~ can you not grasp the absolute, devastating futility in ‘Love’ demanding the application of itself to blow the head off another application of itself?

        …….as stupidly futile as god crucifying a manifestation of himself because another manifestation of himself doesn’t recognise (and isn’t capable of recognising) itself. (evidenced by the existence of ‘evil’ of all sorts, including OUR part in the creation of starving children.)

        And the worst of it is this: if ‘natural’ processes (eg evolution) are responsible for such tragic and distressingly-paradoxical circumstances we can live in hope, no matter how far-fetched or ethereal, of somehow rectifying those circumstances;
        ……. but if those circumstances were the deliberate consequence of a pre-planned ‘Creation’ or ‘Intelligent Design’ then that hope can’t exist.

        And, contrarily, something we can all identify with is that the loss of hope is the ultimate futility.

        That’s why we invent our gods: to give us SOME icon of ‘hope’.
        Unfortunately, while thus comforted, we surrender our ‘hope’ that we CAN do something to alleviate the paradoxical circumstances.

        And stop trying to do so.

        The waste of our existence as living things capable of bathing in starlight and inventing gods to scale is but another futility.



      • Thanks Dabs,

        For your insightful, heartfelt reply. I’ve been looking out for it each day.

        I don’t know what to say. All I know is that love costs us; to know true love is to also know true grief, and I believe that love is the most powerful force in all existence. It is fluid. But we have to know it, be able to feel it, before it can be expressed, and its expression has many faces, and, as the song says, love hurts! That’s a paradox, isn’t it? But I cannot see the futility of it.

        I think for me, being able to let go of the “object of my desire”, is the greatest (and most difficult to do), selfless expression of my love. Whichever way you look at it, love costs. Its very nature is sacrificial. It has to be that way to remain pure. But not futile Dabs.

        I cannot envision a world devoid of love.


    • I see nothing about an ability to ‘capture’ such love and ‘personalise’ it, in the original.

      I agree it’s not something we can grant, with-hold or manipulate, and yes, akin to rendering that last service for a beloved pet.

      Very worthwhile, no futility in it, surely.


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