Pork-laced bullets designed to send Muslims straight ‘to hell’

AN Idaho company has launched a line of bullets coat in pork-infused paint, saying the bullets “don’t just kill an Islamist terrorist, you also send him to hell.”



11 thoughts on “Pork-laced bullets designed to send Muslims straight ‘to hell’

  1. Hi Bryan,

    I know nothing about Exodus apart from what you have written on the blog but just now I came across a photo of Alan Chambers, the President of Exodus, and I thought he looked Gay. So then I do a search and lo and behold…..’Gay Cure’ Exodus Ministry Closes After Leader, Alan Chambers, Admits Being Attracted To Men.

    How come you omitted that part on the blog? That puts a whole new light on why Exodus is now no more.



    • I was unaware of that Mon, The story you linked says Alan Chambers is married to a woman. I’ll check out what the facts are,
      The decision to close down Exodus was made by the whole board, not just Chambers. Get back to you.


      • In his 2009 memoir, Leaving Homosexuality, Chambers detailed his own history as an openly gay young man and his decision to marry a woman. Chambers, decided to leave homosexuality more than 20 years ago. He has said that gays and lesbians should suppress their feelings and remain celibate or marry a heterosexual person


      • “He has said that gays and lesbians should suppress their feelings and remain celibate or marry a heterosexual person”

        Oh gosh, that’s a rather shocking statement…..the marrying a heterosexual person bit. Celibacy is too, I couldn’t do it, but I can understand the reasoning behind it if indeed gay sex is sin.

        Cheers Bryan.


      • I presume you’ve confirmed that the rest of the “whole board” wasn’t also ‘happy’?….or closet muslims?

        Fair dinkum! The whole world’s become obsessed with trivia!
        Probably a result of bringing up several generations on a cerebral diet of soapies and musak….Oh! And ‘The Real Thing’ ~ (Coco-Cola).

        Incidentally, Mon, stats (from a German Women’s-Weekly style mag I read recently) tell us that a fairly large percentage of married men are poofs, or at least bi. And an even greater percentage of women have female skeletons in the …er, ‘closet’.

        If it weren’t for the perversions inculcated by religious prohibitions throughout the ages none of this would be an issue. No other species gives a stuff about its members’ ‘sexual orientation’.
        …and that other artificial religion-imposed no-no, ‘promiscuity’ is lauded as a positive wherever life exists.


      • Isn’t it funny Dabs,

        Apparently Alan Chambers’ wife said she was grateful that her husband fancied men because she at least knew that she would never have to cope with another woman stealing him away from her. Unbelievable! And that from a Christian. Nothing would repulse me more than to find out (after the event/marriage) that my husband was homosexual or Bi. That would be the end of the marriage.


      • I can’t find any reference to Chamber’s wife saying that Mon. Can you give me the source?

        Chambers, who describes himself as “ex-gay”, has said: ““We like to put God and people in a neat and tidy box, so as long as your story is like that, you fit. But life is not like that,” he said. “I’m married. I have children. I have same-sex attraction. But at the same time, I’m thrilled with my life and I’m thrilled with my wife.”
        Chambers said he does not act on his same sex attraction. He has said that he struggled with homosexuality until he chose a Christian path as a young adult.


      • Yeah, apologies Bryan,

        I realised I had done the wrong thing as soon as I posted. I just wanted to make a point to Dabs that just because all manner of sexual promiscuity doesn’t faze him and others, it does me, and apparently it upsets God too.

        It was a comment made on a blog or newspaper article I read yesterday. I’ll have Buckley’s chance of finding it, but I’ll try. But by my repeating it, I have indulged in gossip, and that’s a sin. Sorry, I didn’t think before reacting. I’ll get back to you…..and I knew you wouldn’t let me get away with it Bro, and thanks.

        It’s good news about Alan Chambers. Thanks for clearing this up for me.

        Me put people and God in a box? Maybe so, but at least I know what I can bear and what I can’t. I’ve been labelled a doubl-minded Christian in my time, and rightly so, but not over my sexuality. If that puts my me/my sexuality in a box, then I am relieved. At least I am not confused about it or double-minded. I know what I am…..a sinner needing forgiveness just like everyone else.


      • No, can’t find the actual comment Bryan,

        But I would say it stemmed from this statement by Leslie Chambers:

        “It literally astounds me that there are some who would still point Alan, or other same-sex attracted people, towards “heterosexuality”. Heterosexuality by definition is “sexual relations or attractions between opposite sexes”. Alan has openly admitted his same-sex attractions. As his wife, I can honestly say that the last thing I want him to pursue is heterosexuality. Why, you ask? How am I not threatened by my husband’s same sex attractions? If he pursued heterosexuality, wouldn’t I be more fulfilled in my marriage? Truthfully, I know plenty of marriages where “heterosexual” men and women have made very poor choices as they endeavored to fulfill their heterosexual desires. I do not want Alan to be more attracted to people of the opposite sex.” (Source)


        Elliott Nesch said in his ‘Holy Bible Prophecy’ blog:

        “Leslie Chambers admits that her husband Alan Chambers, the President of Exodus, has homosexual attractions. Yet she defends her husband’s attraction to men and wouldn’t point her husband toward heterosexual attraction because she claims it may tend toward “poor choices.” This is utter non-sense! Heterosexuals who have made sinful choices in fornication or adultery in no way justifies homosexual attraction and lust. Mr. Chambers should be attracted to his wife and love her as Christ loves the church.


      • You may not agree BB,

        But I think this is a great teaching and witness to the power of God to change us:

        “Where Does God Say He Won’t Give Heterosexuality to Those Who Ask for It?”


        And, I am so grateful that God uses this blog to teach me so much about Him and life. God told me that purity/holiness is the answer…..Matthew 5:8 “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.”


  2. Once again, unlike that boring stick-in-the-mud ultra-conservative, god, Old Nick shows a delightful sense of innovation and fun marketing:- “…pork-infused paint, saying the bullets “don’t just kill an Islamist terrorist, you also send him to hell.”

    Instant crackling!

    ….surprised he’s hanging about in Idaho, though; it’s remote and gets bloody cold. I understand god holidayed there one year and thought it perfect ~ almost as though someone had created it especially for him. 😉


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