Don’t fall for the myths

There are the believers who applaud bombers on one, or the other sides, of the Middle East dispute.
There are those who promote hatred in the name of the Prince of Peace, just as there are those who want war in the name of Mohammed. Thank God for the real saints in a world of murderous God-worshippers


5 thoughts on “Don’t fall for the myths

  1. Myths can be contributed to fear of the unknown in many cases, and depends on your intellect.

    But the latest 21st century development of turning truth into myths and myths into truth is really something we now have to come to terms with.

    It probably came to fruition when the western media decided that if there’s no news … and we have to stay in business…. then we have a right to invent some of it.

    And the whole western world has embraced it as a fact of life.

    So here we are living in a world where we can’t tell fact from fiction in our own newspapers, becoming dumber as a result, and the minister is copping abuse for trying to rein it in.

    In a world where the South Australian police Force can advocate the genocide of Aborigines on their website, young people are texting while driving, planking, or falling off balconies, and youth leaders telling us that binge drinking is normal now for young people.

    In a world where the rich gave us the financial crisis, left us to our own devices, and now own our politicians, and run our countries for us.

    In a world where politicans and bribed historians are re-writing our history as we speak.

    Is it any wonder some people in this world want Julian Assange dead?

    “Evil exists because good men do nothing” is so old fashioned now. It’s now 2013….

    Evil exists because good men are hunted down and killed, and the rest of us are stupid.

    That’s what myths create…. especially when you read them as news everyday.


  2. “just as there are those who want war in the name of Mohammed”
    Yes, ALL Muslims are commanded by the Koran to fight, “even if you do not want to.”

    I notice now that the Netherlands have upgraded their terrorist threat to “substantial”.
    Yet Geert Wilders, with his truthful warnings (from observation and experience)was almost totally gagged by the Australian media and by the multiple cancellations of speaking venues.
    The W.A. Premier, Colin Barnett, even stated that politely-spoken Wilders was “not welcome here”.
    Ok , so just lets go on kidding ourselves that somehow Australia is going to be immune from the problems occurring in every other country in the world where Islam builds up its numbers. All we have to do is be nice and they will stop obeying the Koran and following their imams. Of course.

    Apathy, stupidity, indifference. Let’s just pretend that it will all be ok and we don’t have to do anything about it. Yes, just let’s keep pretending. That oughta work.


    • That’s the first time I’ve heard of Geert Wilders being described as politely spoken. Sorry you’re so scared of life Rol. And a touch of xenophobia seems to be revealing itself..


      • Bryan, I’m not scared of life. I’m just facing facts, as are people in the Netherlands now.
        Sure, Geert Wilders is politely spoken. Not once did he raise his voice or try to speak over an interviewer.
        He even stated that Muslims ought to convert to Christianity (or atheism) for the sake of the peace of the world.
        You should look up Robert Spencer “Understanding Muhammad”, if you want to understand Islam. Or watch any of his presentations on Youtube.

        I dunno about xenophobia, but everyone has a right to be concerned about a religion that commands the murder or subjugation of unbelievers. Nobody’s life should be forfeit to the delusions of others

        Have you actually seen Fitna?.


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